Trust in Debt offers the following services:


Analysis of annual accounts and other financial information. Supervision of compliance with the terms and conditions of the bonds and the trust deed.


Set up and administer the register of bondholders

Protection of collective interests

Forward payments from investors to issuers. Forward payments from issuers (interest and principal) to bondholders.

Collectieve belangenbehartiging

Organise meetings of bondholders (online and/or physical). Obtain and exercise any rights under any collateral and/or guarantee for and on behalf of the bondholders

Issuers can choose from the above-mentioned list of services, depending on their needs and own capabilities.

When acting as a paying agent, a separate bank account will be opened and maintained. The funds related to a pertinent bond issuance program are segregated from any other funds.


Trust in Debt acts as security trustee for almost all issuers whose bonds are traded on NPEX and Nxchange. NPEX and Nxchange are the principal Dutch MTF’s for securities issued by small and medium-sized enterprises.

The costs of the services performed by Trust in Debt are borne by the issuer.

At present, Trust in Debt does not provide any service that would be subject to any license or authorisation, required by Dutch or EU law.

Trust in Debt also acts as security trustee for various issuers whose bonds are not traded on any regulated exchange.

The Foundation also offers its services to issuers, incorporated in any other EU member state or other country that belongs to the EEA.



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