31 mrt 2017

31 mrt 2017




Literal translation: “Foundation [for the protection of] bondholders’ interests”
Stichting Obligatiehoudersbelangen (“Foundation”) is the first and only multi-issuer security trustee focussed on Dutch small and medium-sized enterprises. The Foundation has been incorporated on July 15, 2011. Its purpose is:

  • to act as security trustee with respect to bond issuance programs;
  • to serve and protect the collective interests of bondholders;
  • to exercise any rights associated with bonds;
  • to supervise the compliance by the issuer with the trust deed and offering terms and conditions;
  • to set up and administer bondholders’ registers;
  • to act as a paying agent;
  • to obtain and exercise any rights under any mortgage, lien, security interest and/or guarantee, granted by issuers, their group companies and/or third parties

Issuers can choose from the above-mentioned list of activities, depending on their needs and own capabilities. When acting as a paying agent, a separate bank account will be opened and maintained. The funds related to a pertinent bond issuance program are segregated form any other funds. The costs of the Foundation’s activities are borne by the issuer.

The Foundation does not perform any activity that would be subject to any exemption, license or other authorisation, required by Dutch law.

The Foundation provides the above-mentioned services for a variety of issuers with a total bond obligo exceeding € 40 million.

The Foundation is the preferred security trustee of NPEX, an AFM licensed investment firm that operates a securities trading facility for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Foundation also offers its services to non-Dutch issuers, incorporated in the EU.

The Foundation values the integrity of its board members highly. Therefore, starting in 2017, it applies every year for a Certificate of Conduct with the official Dutch screening authority Dienst Justis, featuring a broad range of job features. The certificates shows at the tab “Bestuur” state that the investigation has not resulted in any objections to the board members in connection with the job features, indicated on the reverse of the certificate.

Contact information

Stichting Obligatiehoudersbelangen

Burgemeester Haspelslaan 172, 1181 NE Amstelveen – The Netherlands

Phone: +31 651 221 260

Email: info@obligatieoudersbelangen.org